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Has the thought of crafting a survival coffee maker ever crossed your mind? Well … if you’re an ardent coffee drinker and find it challenging to start your day without your cup of coffee, then you should take note.

Imagine this …

You open your eyes. You realize it’s morning. You lie there for a little while. You are trying to get your mind to focus. With a thud, a sickening feeling hits you right in your empty, growling stomach. The coffee pot is gone! How are you going survive without your coffee?

Reality starts to set in … slowly … you are out in the wilderness somewhere and … yesterday was a ROUGH day. Disaster struck late afternoon while you were trying to cross the river. You lost a lot of your gear and supplies while attempting the crossing.

You look around – at least you still have your tent, some coffee beans, other odds and ends, and a few canned items lying around. Okay, time to roll out of the sack and figure this out.

First things first! A cup of hot steaming comfort coffee will give you some much needed warmth and a clear head, but … how are you going to make coffee with only a handful of coffee beans? You have come up with a way to craft a survival coffee maker.

To use your survival coffee maker you need coffee beans

Easy Steps To Craft Your Own Survival Coffee Maker

Wait! Suddenly you remember something you once read …

That’s right. You read this article somewhere …. ah yes, 101WaystoSurvive took you (step by step) through the process of making a rudimentary coffee maker. Now’s the time to put those acquired skills to the test. Just in case you forgot, here’s what they had to say …

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make an improvised coffee maker that could be used out in the field? Here’s one example of a simple project that only requires a few tin cans, a survival knife and a little bit of ingenuity. Follow the steps below, and you can almost duplicate what you are accustomed to brewing up at home.

Okay, it sounds easy. It only requires …

  • A few tin cans
  • A survival knife
  • A little bit of ingenuity
  • AND maybe a little bit of practice!

Source: Go to 101WaysToSurvive and learn the different steps

Easy enough, don’t you think? What’s your opinion? We think that the most important thing to remember here is … DON’T lose your coffee beans and filters. Oh yes, AND make sure you have some cans handy.

Enjoy making your own survival coffee maker – its a skill that will serve you well in the future.

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