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Thinking about rope hand restraint escape techniques, is probably not something the average person does every day. If ever, to be honest.

However, it is something that just might need some more consideration. Especially in the times we are living in. These days the media is full of kidnapping stories – almost daily in fact.

Stories of holiday makers being taken for ransom while traveling exotic destinations, aid-and-relief workers being kidnapped in certain “hot-spot” areas of the world, journalists being being kidnapped in war-torn areas, and so the list goes on.

One of the first things kidnappers would do is to tie your hands together with rope or cord so that you cannot use your hands and arms to defend yourself. Next, they would possibly tie your ankles together – immobilizing you completely.

After the initial shock has worn off, you find your yourself in a bind, so to speak – completely at the mercy of your kidnappers. Can you escape from these kind of situations? The answer is YES … you can.

That is providing you know what do, and how to go about implementing rope hand restraint escape techniques.

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Learn a few rope hand restraint escape secrets

Former CIA Agent Demonstrates Rope Restraint Escape Techniques

SurvivalTab found this very informative article about an ex-CIA agent which shows you two very effective rope hand restraint escape techniques. Here’s what the article has to say:

If you ever worry about the possibility of a kidnapping a former CIA agent has revealed techniques used to escape even the tightest of hand restraints. 

Jason Hanson, who worked for the CIA for six years before starting his own security business, showed two methods of escaping should you find yourself tied up. 

The two tactics used include creating space to slip your hands out of a rope restraint or preparing yourself to cut yourself free.


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Rope Escape Advice From A Former Navy SEAL

In addition to the rope hand restraint escape secrets demonstrated by Jason Hanson, SurvivalTab has also researched the next video. Here, a former navy SEAL explains how to escape if you’ve been tied up. The video is well worth watching.

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By just memorizing and practicing these demonstrated rope hand restraint escape techniques until they become second nature, you will have equipped yourself with a skill that could save your life one day, if not tomorrow.



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