What does kayaking have to do with survival? Well, let's start with a bit of history. The kayak we use for adventure and recreational purposes today, was invented in the distant past for a good reason. It was used as as a means of survival - hence our use of the term "survival kayaking".

The Inuits (Eskimos) of the northern arctic regions have been using kayaks to hunt fish, seals, walrus and other land animals for thousands of years. The kayaks were very effective in terms of approaching the hunted prey with extreme stealth. The Inuits survival depended on the mentioned food sources. So, they relied heavily on their kayaks for successful hunts.

The modern-day kayak is still an important means of survival out in the wilderness. Providing you have the necessary skill to use it effectively in terms of survival hunting as well as a means of traveling on rivers or open ocean.

The problem is that a kayak is not something you can just pack in your bug-out/adventure bag and carry around on your back.

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A Revolutionary Collapsible Kayak

You need a vehicle to transport a kayak and that could limit the usefulness of a kayak as a means of survival out in the wilderness. Well, until now that was ...

Meet the Pakayak kayak. You can assemble this revolutionary six-segment kayak in a matter of minutes. It is just as easy to collapse it back to the six segments, pack it into a bag and carry it on your back.

Survival kayaking with a twist

Source: Instagram @pakayak

What exactly is Doug Mackro's brainchild all about? We found out on Instagram and Outsideonline.com ...

Just about every hard-sided kayak is made through a process called roto-molding, which sculpts a single piece of plastic into whatever shape a manufacturer chooses. That same process is used here to create the six segments that nest inside one another, Russian Matryoshka doll set-style.

When fully assembled, this Pakayak Blue Fin 14 measures 14 feet long—a sweet spot that makes it less unwieldy than a 16-foot beginner kayak, but more stable than shorter models.

Packed down, the Blue Fin is about three-and-half feet tall, two feet wide, and 16 inches deep. With the included case, you can carry it on your back or haul it around like roller luggage via the built-in wheels.

Survival kayaking has become a reality with carrying your kayak on your back

Source: Outsideonline

This invention is sure to take kayaking to a whole new level and suddenly there is now no reason why a kayak could not become part of your survival gear.

Watch the Video to see the Pakayak in action.

Source: YouTube - Pakayak

We wish you successful survival kayaking!

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