SurvivalTab found this interesting video which is certainly worthwhile watching. The host, Nick and his father (a professional hunter), show us how to make a short bow using an umbrella (of all things).

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We are of the opinion that you can definitely call it a survival bow, since the only reason you’ll ever want to make such a bow is when you’re in a survival situation and you need to hunt for food or defend yourself against an attack or bodily harm.

Making A Survival Bow Is A Skill Worth Aquiring

Making a survival bow by using an umbrella, is a skill well worth acquiring. Simply because you never know when you might find yourself out in the wild, in the kind of situation where your have mouths to feed with no supplies at hand.

Not only that, you could also be in a dangerous situation where you have defend yourself against attackers of any kind without a weapon to do so.

The kind of dangerous situation we are talking about could very well happen in your home or on your property, and not necessarily only out in the woods somewhere. We all know what dangers you could face during an out-of-control riot or a law and order meltdown.

Having said all that, let’s watch Nick and his father show us how it’s done ...

Traditional Short Bow Hunting

After watching the video, we commented to ourselves that Nick's survival bow doesn’t appear to be very strong and capable of inflicting much damage, but we decided that it must be seen in context of the circumstances that you’ll need it.

First of all, something is better than nothing and you’ll need to adapt your strategy to complement the tool/weapon at your disposal. The kind of strategy that the San people of Southern Africa (commonly known as the Bushmen) have been using for centuries.

Namely, to use a short bow for close range hunting (also referred to as persistence hunting).

San people like to use a short survival bow

Source: Getty Images

Secondly, in terms of defending yourself, you’ll have to make peace with the fact that the only way you’ll neutralise your attacker is if the survival bow is used in close proximity to your attacker, regardless if it's a man or a beast.

Why don't you get hold of a tired-looking umbrella and give it a go! Your kids can always use it as a toy, but just make sure you give them blunt-tip plastic arrows to play around with.

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