Does your survival pack have a "cluttered" feel to it? If so, you’re not the only one with those thoughts. Here at SurvivalTab we recently tackled the same issue and decided to go for a minimalist survival pack.

All this came about after an email conversation with a follower. His exact words on the matter were …

I have recently started throwing stuff (survival gear) away. Really good stuff too. I feel like all the stuff is suffocating me. I just want to get rid of everything and go minimalist.

So, what does it mean to go minimalist in terms of your survival pack?

Simplify Your Survival Pack

It means that you should simplify your survival planning and go with only the bare essentials. We think that you should start with the basics of survival. With basics we mean your survival bag, bug out bag, survival pack, or whatever you want to call it.

You need to consider the most essential survival items for your pack. The items you will need to get you through the first 72 hours of any kind of crisis. Planning for such a minimalist survival pack might sound easy, but it’s not.

So, to help you and give you some ideas, we found this video for you.

Source: Survival Lily

Survival Lilly

Here’s a list of what Survival Lilly has in her pack ...

  • 1 x Hatchet
  • 1 x Fixed Blade Knife
  • 1 x Wool Blanket Sleeping Bag
  • 1 x Military Canteen And Cup
  • 1 x Roll of Paracord
  • 1 x Military Poncho
  • 1 x Wool Cap
  • 1 x Altoids Survival Kit (Fishing Kit, Matches, Ammo for Slingshot, Canvas Needle, Extra Thread For Sleeping Bag, Button Compass)
  • 1 x Toothbrush Kit
  • 1 x Mosquito Net
  • 1 Set of Ear Plugs
  • 1 x Bow Drill Set With a Skateboard Wheel
  • 1 x First Aid Kit
  • 1 x Pack of Tissues
  • 1 x Sharpening Stone
  • 1 x Slingshot Rubberband
  • 1 x Paracord Wrist Bracelet

Source: Video

Minimalist Survival Pack - Additional Items

SurvivalTab thinks that it is a pretty decent setup, but would probably add the following items:

1 x Eye Glasses Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
1 x Sun Glasses (if you don’t wear prescription glasses)
A More Comprehensive First Aid Kit
1 x Small Flashlight or Headlamp
1 x Small Multi-Tool
1 x All Terrain Gloves

Ultimately you need decide for yourself what you would need in your minimalist survival pack. Look at each item and ask yourself this question.

What purpose would this item serve in a time of need?

All things considered, it is a good thing to have such a minimalist pack at hand when you need one for a 72 hour survival period.

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