Hey there SurvivalTab readers. In this post we are going to talk a little bit about choosing a bug out bicycle. First of all, something to take note of is that there is no such thing as a specific kind of bug out bicycle.

Meaning, you can’t just walk into a cycle shop and ask for the bug out bicycle section. You have to choose the right bicycle for your specific needs and then fit it with accessories and survival gear that you think you’ll need.

Here is how to choose the best bug out bicycle as your survival vehicle

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Choosing The Right Bicycle

Choosing the right bicycle requires some thought. Simply because everyone’s circumstances are different. Bicycles don’t come cheap these days and buying a decent bicycle(s) can rock your bank balance. So, you should do some brainstorming and consider the following questions:

What Kind Of Bicycle(s) And What Is Your Budget?

The kind of bicycle to consider buying, or using, is a personal choice. There are many to choose from - road bike, mountain bike, hybrid, fat bike etc.

There are many factors that determine the price of a bicycle (new or used) as well as the type of bicycle you should consider buying. You can read more about buying your first bicycle at Bicycling.

Be sure to look at a bicycle that will be able to travel on any kind of surface. Immediately mountain bicycles and touring bicycles come to mind. Further to this, we have added this link to Bike Radar.

The article is a review of a new Specialized touring bicycle and it provides good insight into the anatomy of a touring bicycle that can double up as a bug out bicycle.

A bug out bicycle designed for touring on-road or off-road offers good options

Image Source: Bike Radar

Survival Gear And Other Accessories For You Bug Out Bicycle

Fitting the bicycle with the right survival gear and accessories is important. This is where you start to turn your bicycle into a bug out vehicle. Handy accessories to consider fitting to your bicycle are carrier bags, frame bags and handlebar bags.

Accessories don’t necessarily have to be store-bought. Old bags, backpacks, crates and straps lying around can just as easily be converted into useful bicycle accessories.

Are You In Good Physical Shape Or Not?

Riding a bicycle requires a certain level of fitness, more so if riding under challenging circumstances. Before you spend money on a bicycle, you should assess your physical condition and get yourself into shape accordingly.

This will also help you during your decision making process as to what kind of bicycle is best for your needs.

Informative Video

In addition, we also found this informative video made by the ‘Wandering Beast’. He talks how he personally benefits from using his bicycle as well as the components, survival gear and other fittings.

Video Source: Wandering Beast

To conclude, we want to emphasize that you should not underestimate the value of a bug out bicycle. It’s faster than traveling on foot and you can carry more gear. Just make sure that your bicycle is reliable and that it can last you a long time.

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