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Wilderness survival first aid kits are items which are often skimped on when it comes to preparing for an outdoor adventure. The thing is, venturing outdoors definitely increases the possibility of accidents and injuries happening. It is also possible that some of these emergencies could escalate into very dangerous and life-threatening situations.

Before heading outdoors for an adventure, prepare for injuries and illnesses by packing a first aid kit. The items you place in the kit will largely depend on the length of time your trip will last, your destination, and any preexisting conditions that your group members may have.

Many outdoor enthusiasts try to keep the weight of their bug out, or hiking backpacks to a minimum, so they cram in the bare essentials. In the process they tend to neglect the first aid kit. Having the appropriate medical supplies at hand in the event of an emergency situation can make a difference in your chances of survival.

You can choose to go to your local outdoor camping store and purchase a prepacked wilderness first aid kit, assembled by companies with experience of wilderness adventures, or you can supplement the kit with the items you think will be vital, based on your research about the environment you’ll be venturing into. The important thing to keep in mind concerning packing wilderness first aid packages is to plan for the worst and as expect the best. It’s better to return home with some of the unused items than not to have them readily available.

If you are headed into the wilderness for the very first time it would certainly be to your advantage to obtain information on the terrain and what other people have packed in their wilderness survival first aid kits. This will help you prevent neglecting anything crucial. Furthermore, experienced outdoors people can assist with information as to what is not really required in order to keep your backpack weight to a minimum.


Length of the Trip Will Determine the Contents of the First Aid Kit

The length of your stay out in the wilderness will play a role in deciding how much of what you will need in your kit. A weekend hiking first aid kit will be very different to a week (or more), trek through wild terrain. The longer you stay out there, the more you are exposed to possible mishaps and dangerous situations. Keep this in mind when considering your kit.

Destination Research is Vital

Well researched knowledge of the terrain and environment you’ll be venturing into is crucial. This will largely determine the contents of your first aid kit. Many sets may include splints in the event of a fracture, but some experienced outdoor people advise against this as they argue that most of the medical problems you might experience are minor or beyond your first aid skills. The general advice is to keep it simple and that you will do well by taking a first aid class, but buy a good basic kit and build it up to suit your specific requirements.

Gauze squares, band-aids, medical tape, disinfectant, butterfly bandages,remedy’s for poisonous plants and snakes, as well as some Advil or Tylenol, would generally suffice as good add-ons to a basic kit. Add to this a good Swiss army knife or Leatherman multi-tool to use as a knife, scissors or tweezers and the first aid kit will be good to go for the average hiker in the wilderness.

The important thing is to modify your first aid kit list to suit your specific needs and remember to add your personal prescription medicines.

Hey there SurvivalTab readers. In this post we are going talk about how important it is for us to know how to use trees for survival. Trees, generally, have a great many benefits. 

These benefits range from esthetic value to environmental, community and personal benefits. For example …

We plant trees primarily for their beauty and to provide shade but they do create many other benefits. Trees can sooth and relax us and help us connect to nature and our surroundings. The color green – is a calming, cool color that helps your eyes quickly recover from strain. By planting and caring for trees, you help improve your surroundings, reduce pollution, lower energy costs, improve the appearance of your community and increase the value of your property.

Read the original post by Erv Evans.

Discover how to use trees for survival

Using Trees For Survival

Let’s continue by concentrating on the matter of how to use trees for survival situations. When we think about trees in terms of survival in the wilderness, it’s just natural to have mental images of using trees to make survival shelters and firewood or keep wild animals away. The reality is that trees have so much more to offer other than providing firewood or branches for building crude structures to protect us against the environment and elements.

Onpointpreparedness agrees about the importance of trees for survival, given the circumstances …

Trees are an incredible resource for the outdoor survivalist.  Their uses are numerous, and include some of the following:

  • Water / Sap
  • Water indicators
  • Animal indicators / trapping
  • Food
  • Cordage or glu
  • Shelter
  • Fire
  • And more!

You can read the original post here.

4 Different ways to use trees for survival situations

Let’s take a closer look at four of the mentioned uses pointed out by Onpointpreparedness.


Depending on the environment, a good number of tree species can supply us with vitamin rich fruits. On some of these trees, the foliage are edible too. Believe it or not, but tree bark is also a source of food.   


You can drink the sap from trees like the sugar maple and the white birch tree. Sometimes you can actually drink the sap without purifying it first. If the sap is too thick for drinking as is, you can mix it with water to make it easier digestible.

Nature’s Medicine

Many trees have natural medicinal uses. For example, pine resin can stop the bleeding in case of a cut and close the wound. It also acts as a disinfectant as it prevents bacteria from spreading in the wound. 

Here’s a good example of how to use trees for medicinal purposes. It’s a video made by Crocket 20 where he demonstrates the sealing of a wound using resin from a pine tree.

Video Source: CrOcket20

Survival Equipment

Certain trees, or parts thereof, can be used to make survival equipment such as rope and adhesives. It can also be utilized to make weapons such as hunting bows and wood daggers to name a few.

The fact that we can use trees for survival, is a gift from nature. We just need to learn how to use them.

We would like to make a bold statement and say that ‘an egg is the best survival food.

Here’s why we say so:

An egg is a highly nutritious foodstuff. It is loaded with most of the important nutrients that your body needs to survive. These nutrients include complete, and high quality proteins that are easily absorbed by your body.

The white of an egg contains over 40 different kinds of proteins and while the yolk contains proteins as well, it ALSO contains the necessary omega-3 fats, vitamins A, D and E.

To put this in a nutshell, or should we say “an EGG shell” … the egg is right up there with the best, if not THE best survival food when it comes to essential food sustenance.

We found this article for you and here’s what Survivopedia have to say about eggs …

One of the basic criteria for perfection in the prepping world is multipurpose utility. For foodstuff, the product also needs to keep well, be nutritious and be easy to acquire or stockpile.

Very few fresh items meet these criteria, but one most certainly does: the egg. Having a source of eggs for survival is just an example of good preparation if you can manage it. In addition to being extremely nutritious, eggs purportedly have more than 100 uses. We tend to think that’s a lowball estimate.

Source: Survivopedia

Reasons why eggs are the best survival food

The Seven Reasons Why

Here are the 7 reasons why we say eggs are the best survival food …

  • They’re Nutritious
  • Food Fatigue Isn’t Such An Issue
  • They’re Useful In Different Recipes
  • They Keep Well Without Spoiling
  • Egg Shells Have Several Uses
  • The Membrane Is Rich In Protein And Antimicrobials
  • They’ll Make For Excellent Barter

Read more here. The article goes into quite a bit of detail and makes for very useful reading.

Just in case you’ve missed the handy tip (video) in reason number 7 … here it is again …

Source: HandiMania

Considering the best survival food when planning your survival food prepping is a bit of a task. At least you know that you can place eggs right at the top of your list.

Enjoy those eggs!

Having an emergency food prepping plan or guide at hand is important for newbies and experienced preppers alike. A well “thought-through” personal plan can not only save you time during the execution process … but also save you a ton of money. Unplanned, or haphazard buying, can be very expensive. It also leads to waste.

Many food products will become unavailable very quickly during an emergency situation or natural disaster. Having a well researched list of such, and other essential food products, will help you speed up your emergency food prepping process.

BUT, let’s face it … emergency food prepping is not an easy task. You have to sit down and plan. That takes time, right? Time is is a commodity these days and something like an emergency food prepping list doesn’t seem like a pressing “to-do” task. So, the idea goes into file 13, or simply gets trashed quite quickly.

A Handy Infographic To Guide Your Prepping

Now you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by simply being guided by a researched emergency food prepping plan. We found an infographic to point you in the right direction and save you a ton of time. This is what WiseFoodStorage have to say about the infographic …

No one thinks that they will be caught up in a natural disaster or some other emergency, but it can happen to anyone. If the situation arises, will you be prepared? With Wise Food Storage’s new infographic, learn how to store food for emergency situations.

What foods are easily preserved? What equipment will you need to store and cook this food properly? Plan ahead with this food guide and be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Prepping for Disasters Infographic

Source: WiseFoodStorage

This infographic should really set you on your way towards a structured and cost effective emergency food prepping plan.



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