We would like to make a bold statement and say that ‘an egg is the best survival food.

Here’s why we say so:

An egg is a highly nutritious foodstuff. It is loaded with most of the important nutrients that your body needs to survive. These nutrients include complete, and high quality proteins that are easily absorbed by your body.

The white of an egg contains over 40 different kinds of proteins and while the yolk contains proteins as well, it ALSO contains the necessary omega-3 fats, vitamins A, D and E.

To put this in a nutshell, or should we say “an EGG shell” ... the egg is right up there with the best, if not THE best survival food when it comes to essential food sustenance.

We found this article for you and here’s what Survivopedia have to say about eggs ...

One of the basic criteria for perfection in the prepping world is multipurpose utility. For foodstuff, the product also needs to keep well, be nutritious and be easy to acquire or stockpile.

Very few fresh items meet these criteria, but one most certainly does: the egg. Having a source of eggs for survival is just an example of good preparation if you can manage it. In addition to being extremely nutritious, eggs purportedly have more than 100 uses. We tend to think that’s a lowball estimate.

Source: Survivopedia

Reasons why eggs are the best survival food

The Seven Reasons Why

Here are the 7 reasons why we say eggs are the best survival food …

  • They’re Nutritious
  • Food Fatigue Isn’t Such An Issue
  • They’re Useful In Different Recipes
  • They Keep Well Without Spoiling
  • Egg Shells Have Several Uses
  • The Membrane Is Rich In Protein And Antimicrobials
  • They’ll Make For Excellent Barter

Read more here. The article goes into quite a bit of detail and makes for very useful reading.

Just in case you’ve missed the handy tip (video) in reason number 7 ... here it is again ...

Source: HandiMania

Considering the best survival food when planning your survival food prepping is a bit of a task. At least you know that you can place eggs right at the top of your list.

Enjoy those eggs!

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